Marketing Services & Resources

This section is full of tools to help you be successful with your marketing and communications. The information provided does not cover all projects or situations, so if you run into an item and you are not sure what to do, consult your marketing contact before you get started. The list below covers some key areas that you may find yourself working on.

Marketing On Campus

Tips & Resources


Branding is the way our audience perceives us. Not only is it a logo or a graphic element, it is the entirety of the experience the audience has with us.

HTML Emails

An HTML email is an email that is formatted like a web page, using colors, graphics, and links. Imagine any newsletter or advertisement you find in your inbox.

Media Relations

Sound media relationships are a three-way business relationship between you, your shared stakeholders and audience, and the media that will deliver your message.

Photo & Video

Great images and videos are an important component of your marketing strategy because of their ability to tell a story and communicate information to your audience 

Promo Items

Promotional items are a fun and engaging way to get your message out. 


As a department, there are times when you will need to place orders for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, or note cards with envelopes. 

Trademark & Licensing

WSU has one of the most recognizable college logos in the world. Here's how we protect it.