Digital Signage

Digital signage is a cost-effective and sustainable way to spread the word about your organization or event. Screens are located in the Compton Union Building, Chinook Student Center, Student Recreation Center, Dining Centers, and Lighty Student Services.

Digital signage should be error-free and uploaded one week prior to desired start date. All digital signs are subject to the following prices, policies, and design specifications.

  • Pricing

    RSO’s, Student Affairs departments, and CUB Residents & Vendors play for free on single screens across campus in the CUB, Chinook Student Center, Student Recreation Center, Stephenson Fitness Center, Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center, Lighty Student Affairs Suite, and Dining Centers.

    Departments and outside vendors will automatically be billed after signage runs.

     Organization CUB & Chinook (3) Single Screens Lighty FourPlex
     WSU Departments $50 (2 weeks) $135 (2 weeks)
    Outside Vendors $100 (2 weeks) $300 (2 weeks)
  • General Policies
    • All submissions must clearly identify the submitting organization.
    • Student Affairs Marketing reserves the right to edit or reject submissions for clarity, content, copyright infringement, and aesthetics.
    • Ads that do not meet design specifications will not be published.
    • Ads must be received one week prior to requested start date. Ads not received by deadline may not be published.
    • Ads will run beginning the date requested for two weeks or until the date after the event. Week = 7 days. (Note: Lighty Student Services screens run when the building is open Monday-Friday).
    • Ads may be rejected if the content is deemed inappropriate including, but not limited to:
      • alcohol consumption outside of university sanctioned events
      • pornographic material
      • drug use
      • weapons
    • Ads will not be archived; groups will be responsible for resubmitting ads for reposting.
    • Those submitting ads which include copyrighted materials (likenesses, footage, images, etc.) must confirm they have the approval to use said material.
    • RSO’s, Student Affairs Departments, and CUB Residents & Vendors may submit up to 20 free ads each semester.
  • RSO Policies
    • Submissions from RSO’s must clearly identify affiliation with Washington State University. This affiliation may be included through a statement (“WSU RSO”); with a URL, email address, or social media handle including “WSU”; or with the Registered Student Organization logo.
    • Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) have permission to use WSU spirit marks, but not the university logo. More information is available at However, using the WSU spirit mark in the design does not count has clearly identifying affiliation with the university.
  • WSU Department Policies
    • WSU departments should include their official university logo; affiliation with Washington State University should be clear.
    • University departments should refer to and follow required university identity and style guide standards.
  • Outside Vendor Policies
    • Outside vendors should clearly identify the name of their organization and may not use WSU branding.
    • Ads may be rejected if the content is in direct competition with CUB and university vendors or services.
  • Design Specifications
    • All ads must be sized 1920x1080 pixels, maximum size of 500 kb.
    • Images must be saved as .jpeg and will be played for 8 seconds per rotation.
    • Keep clarity and aesthetics in mind by using easy-to-read fonts and clear photos.
    • Make sure to include all pertinent information such as date, time and location of an event, and your organization name/logo.
    • Excessive blank space along the sides is not permitted.
    • Less content is better for digital signage, as viewers are typically on the move and there are many ads in rotation at any given time.
    • Ensure the file title is under 50 characters.
  • Video Specifications
    • Video capability is available. Please email submissions to
    • Video files should be 1920x1080 pixels and 30 frames per second.
    • Videos may be a maximum of 30 seconds.
    • Videos cannot have sound.
    • Videos must include your organization name or logo throughout the length of the video.
    • If you are submitting a paid video advertisement, please upload a filler image (1920x1080, less than 500 kb, jpeg) with your billing information and email your video submission to the above contact information.
  • Troubleshooting
    • Having trouble uploading your image? Make sure it’s 1920x1080 pixels and under 500 kb. There are a few ways to check this.
      • On PC, right click the image thumbnail and click ‘Properties’. Click the Details panel and the file size and dimensions will be under ‘Image’.
      • On PC, open your file in Windows Photos. Right click and select ‘File Info’. Image size information will display in the photo window.
      • On Mac, open your file in Preview. Click on the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Show Inspector’. A window will pop up with the file info.
    • Having trouble resizing your image?
    • Don’t see your image playing?
      • Free signage is only on single screens and does not include the 4plexes or entrance/information desk screens.
      • You will receive a confirmation email once your signage is approved and posted. We’ll contact you if there are any issues with your submission.
    • Pro tip: rather than designing print posters vertically and trying to stretch or adjust to landscape oriented digital signage, make your design horizontal from the start. Then you will have minimal adjustments for flush flashes and digital signage.

Questions about digital signage can be directed to