student studies

College can be a challenging time. There’s a lot to learn, and expectations – both yours and others’ – are high. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and need help. 

Student Affairs can connect you to resources like financial aid and tutoring, help you understand course deadlines, work with you on accommodations, walk you through the Academic Integrity Policy, and provide mental health support so you can focus on your academic success. Check out the resources below to get started. 

Office of the Dean of Students 

The dean’s office can connect you with all kinds of academic support, from tutoring to financial aid. 

Tutoring Services

Tutors are available to help with specific subjects and hold office hours in residence halls, student centers on campus, and more.

Access Center 

If you need accommodations for a physical, learning, or other type of disability, the Access Center can help. 

Stress and Anxiety 

There are several programs to help you cope with and alleviate stress, including a texting program, counseling, and biofeedback. 

Learning Disabilities 

Counseling and Psychological Services can diagnose learning disabilities and work with you to find treatments.