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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group


  • Update and review gender inclusive facilities listing available on all WSU campuses
  • Assess gap areas for gender inclusive restrooms
  • Develop long term plan to incorporate gender inclusive restrooms on all campuses
  • Assess gap areas and make recommendations for trans* support on each campus
  • Review Spring 2017/Fall 2018 free product pilot program by ASWSU Pullman to determine cost and effectiveness
  • Propose plan for menstrual product availability on all campuses including budget and staffing

Responsible Administrators

Terry Boston, Associate Vice President, Operations and Finance, Division of Student Affairs, Pullman
Olivia Yang, Associate Vice President, Facilities Services, Pullman

Work Group


Matthew Jeffries, Director, Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (GIESORC), Pullman
Nella Ludlow, Data Analytics Program Coordinator, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, Everett
Noelle Perez, Clerical Assistant III, Resident Life, Pullman


Karen Fischer, Associate Dean of Students, Office of the Dean of Students, Pullman
Kate Gannon-Cullinan, Assistant Director, Residence Life, Pullman
Devon Holze, ASWSU Senate (ASVMP), Pullman
Shannon Kozlovich, ASWSUS Director of Legislative Affairs and Outreach, Spokane
Alejandra Martinez, Office Assistant, Women’s Resource Center, Pullman
Savannah Rogers, ASWSU Senate, All Campus
Amy Sharp, Director, Women’s Resource Center, Pullman
Sara VanSteenbergen, Assistant Director, New Student Programs, Pullman
Nolan Yaws-Gonzales, Assistant Manager, Student Resource Center, Student Affairs & Commission for Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Chair, Vancouver
Cyn Zavala, Commission for Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Graduate Student Representative, Pullman
Matt Zimmerman, Associate Registrar, Registrar’s Office, Pullman