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Division of Student Affairs

Cultural Competency Work Group


  • Review and evaluate cultural competency and ally trainings offered by all WSU units (e.g., Vancouver, Pullman Diversity Education, Extension, GEISORC, OEO, Health Promotion) and proposed by students (e.g., Wake Up WSU, Social Justice Peer Educators)
  • Identify specific cultural competency training, goals and objective which can be assessed, measured, and reported
  • Determine appropriate training mechanisms (i.e., required, variable options, in person, on-line, course, WOW) for faculty, staff, and students
  • Propose frequency intervals for trainings (e.g., annual, every two years, every three years)
  • Identify specific implementation plan for both new and returning students
  • Identify specific implementation plan for faculty and staff
  • Outline tentative budget including staffing and program costs
  • Incorporate expectation that review and updating of training materials occurs regularly.

Responsible Administrators

Lead: Dan Bernardo, Provost, Executive Vice President, Pullman
Mary Jo Gonzales, Vice President, Division of Student Affairs, Pullman
Theresa Elliot-Cheslek, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, Human Resource Services, Pullman

Work Group Team


Amir Gilmore, Chair, GPSA Budget Committee, Pullman
Jesus Hernandez, Staff Assistant, United Greek Council, ASWSU Officer, Pullman
David Leonard, Professor, Department of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies, Pullman


Ray Acuña-Luna, Director, Cougs Rise, Office of the Provost, Pullman
Paula Adams, Associate Director Health Promotion, Health & Wellness Services, Pullman
Stephen Bischoff, Associate Director Multicultural Student Services, Pullman
James Bolden, Director of Assessment and Program Evaluation, Division of Student Affairs, Pullman
Brandon Brackett, Assistant Director, Residence Life, Pullman
Jesus Bravo, Clinical Assistant Professor, Management and Faculty Coordinator for Mentorship Program, Carson College of Business, Tri-Cities
Tamara Crooks, Leadership Coordinator, Student Involvement & Leadership Development, Pullman
Kelly Dunn, ASWSU, Global Campus
Jared Fluhrer, ASWSU Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Pullman
Sue Gilchrist, Principal Assistant, Plateau Center for American Indian Studies, Pullman
José García-Pabón, Associate Professor Metro Center, Everett
Ciera Graham, Associate Director, Student Services, Everett
Courtney Anne Jackson, Study Abroad Coordinator, Department of Marketing and International Business, Carson College of Business, Pullman
Amanda Morgan, Director, New Student Programs, Pullman
Merrianneeta Nesbitt, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Diversity Education Program, Pullman
Christina Sanders, Associate Director, Governmental Studies & Services, Director, Emergency Management System, Pullman
Jenne Schmidt, Program Coordinator, Diversity Education, Pullman
Jose Scott, ASWSU President, Vancouver
Kendra Wilkins-Fontenot, Director, Disabilities Services, Human Resource Services, Pullman

Professional and student employees at WSU

Work Group Updates & Resources

    April 4, 2018
May 2, 2018 
    May 25, 2018