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Division of Student Affairs

Cultural and Resource Centers Work Group


  • Review current funds allocated to centrally supported and academic college cultural and resource centers. 
  • Review services and activities offered on all campuses by centrally supported cultural and resource centers/programs to determine gap areas in meeting the needs of current and future students
  • Review of services and activities offered by academic college cultural and resource centers/programs to determine gap areas in meeting the needs of current and future students
  • Compare peer- and aspirational institutions to assess programs, staffing, and funding levels for cultural resource centers as well as alignment with national best practices and contemporary methods
  • Recommend specific strategies for addressing gap areas for current and future students

Responsible Administrator

Jaime Nolan, Associate Vice President for Community, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence, Division of Student Affairs
Mary Jo Gonzales, Vice President, Division of Student Affairs 

Work Group 


Savanna Kresse, ASWSUTC President elect
Donna Arnold, Associate Director, Multicultural Student Services, Pullman
Maria de Jesus Dixon, Manager, Diversity Education Programs, Pullman


Abbie Bambilla, Student Diversity Team, Vancouver
Mark Beattie, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Hospitality Business Management, Everett
Theresa Bolden, Assistant Director, Academic Services, Athletics, Pullman
Larry Clark, Editor Washington State Magazine, Pullman
Dion Crommarty, Student Diversity Coordinator, Spokane
Meredyth Goodwin, Director, Access Center, Pullman
Edwin Hamada, Director, Residence Life, Pullman
Kim Holapa, Associate Vice President, University Development, Director of Stewardship, Events and Board Relations, Pullman
Laura Lavine, Assistant Director, CAHNRS Office of Research & Professor, Department of Entomology, Pullman
Kim Mueller, Director, Alumni Engagement, Alumni Relations, Pullman
Christine Oakley, Director, Global Learning International Programs, Pullman
Faith Price, Assistant Director, Native American Programs, Office of the Provost-Tribal Liaison, Pullman
Ana María Rodríguez-Vivaldi, Associate Professor, Associate Dean, Foreign Languages & Cultures, Pullman
Carlos Salazar, Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Services, Pullman
Veronica Sandoval, Ph.D. Student, American Studies, Pullman
Tabitha Velasco, GPSA Sustainability and Environmental Diversity Website Committee, Pullman
Olivia Yang, Associate Vice President, Facilities Services, Pullman

Budget Leads

Mollie Holt, Area Finance Officer, Division of Student Affairs, Pullman
Don Holbrook, Budget Director, Academic Affairs, Pullman