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Division of Student Affairs

Five Working Groups Meeting

May 1, 2019 Session Recap



Jaime Nolan, Jason Abrams, C. Brandon Chapman, Judi McDonald, Candace Chappelle, Ashley Kuznia, Jaime Diaz, Carlos Salazar, James Bledsoe, Nolan Yaws-Gonzalez, Julie Mercado, Fran Hermanson, Merrianneeta Nesbitt, Dion Crommarty, Obie Ford III, Luci Loera, Stephen Bischoff, Chantell Cosner, Amir Gilmore, Tamara Crooks, Mollie Holt, Sophia Gaither, Courtney Anne Jackson, Larry Clark, James Dalton, Phyllis Erdman, Steve Nakata, Sharae Randall, Donna Arnold, Kenitra Kenney, Avery Whittington, Matthew Jeffries, Lisa Gehring, Alexis Guse, Holly Ashkannejhad, Dan Records, Faith Price, Jessie Hockett, Terry Boston, Phil Weiler, Mark Beattie


Opening remarks

  • Broadly, several initiatives and efforts have been completed; looking ahead to new members across the campuses and new phases of progress
  • On April 16th, Patriot Prayer & Washington 3% demonstration on Pullman campus was met with a civil and peaceful response from multiple student groups.

Diverse Faculty & Staff Working Group: 4 Initiatives

1) Implicit Bias Awareness Training (oversight from Phyllis)

Members: Jaime Nolan (p), Theresa Elliot-Cheslek (p), James Dalton (p), Chip Hunter (p), Paul Strand (t)

  • Implicit Bias Creation of new page per HRS with resources about IB
  • Working to build on interim measures with HRS
  • How to operationalize Equity Statements from incoming candidates
2) Resource Guide (oversight from Obie)

Members: Jason Abrams (p), Jaime Diaz (p), Abby Howard (p)

  • Will include info about resources and networks
  • Specific to each campus
3) Equity Advisors (oversight from Phyllis)

Members: Katie Cooper (p), Courtney Benjamin (p), Sandra Haynes (t)

  • Faculty/staff resource not affiliated with the search committee
  • Meets with candidate per candidate request to answer questions related to WSU
  • Exploring models and strategies
4) Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention Initiatives (oversight from Obie)

Members: Jaime Diaz (p), Dan Records (p), Katie Cooper (p), Mary Rezac (p), James Petersen (p), Fran Hermanson (p), Lisa Gehring (p), Renny Christopher (v), Kate McAteer (t)

  • Building a formalized infrastructure
  • Review of current effective strategies/initiatives; policies/procedures
  • Leverage existing (informal) strategies into coherent and cohesive initiatives
  • Create and propose new/innovative retention strategies; policies/procedures

Discussion: Need to look at what we’re doing to ensure diversity in outreach/searches throughout faculty/staff searches from entry level up through senior level positions.

Cultural & Resource Centers Working Group

WSU System-wide Investments FY2017
  • General Student Support = $56,118,821
  • Targeting Underrepresented Groups
  • Resource Centers/Programs = $10,139,155
  • Events/Activities = $157,997

Next steps – report by area, by population served, identify gaps, revisit in future fiscal years to address consistency.

Discussion: Need to include S&A funding as well to determine what support is being provided by university dollars vs. what support students are providing/funding for themselves with S&A fees.

Gender Inclusive Trans* Support Working Group

Recently Accomplished
  • Facilities Services recently converted all coin operated machines in Todd Hall to be no charge.
In Progress
  • Reviewing building standards for single-user bathrooms, multi-stall gender inclusive bathrooms, and lactation/wellness spaces
  • Facilities Services will be converting all coin operated machines in CUE, the SPARK, and Holland-Terrell Library to be no charge.

 Executive Policy 15 Working Group

  • We want to wish Kim Anderson well in her new position and welcome Holly Ashkannejhad to the team.
  • We are reorganizing EP15 into four parts – it now will have sections that are specific to topic and user.
  • Regarding free speech/academic freedom/hate speech, we are preparing a list of outside resources, WSU specific policy, WSU specific vignettes, Q&A, etc. for further development by Student Affairs.
  • We are working with the Syllabus and Communication Task Force to help with messaging.
  • We would like to have a discussion about centralizing services for students, faculty, and staff who are experiencing harassment, assault, bullying, etc.

 Cultural Competency Working Group

  • It’s been a great year; this year the committee developed the foundation for the years to come
  • There will be some turnover with regard to co-chairs, but Mariela Frias will be staying on board; the committee looks forward to working with the new Executive Director of Outreach and Education and the new WSU Provost when they are hired
  • Working in tandem with the Cultural Competency and Ally Training Working Group, a cultural competency collective has formed with representatives from multiple WSU campuses. The group is working to forward working group initiatives of:
    • Developing and delivering training and development to faculty and staff across the institution
    • Building a centralized repository of offerings accessible to the WSU community to promote and support ongoing training and development
WSU Cultural Competency Collective

Currently piloting the first in a series of 3 foundational offerings:

Equity 101: Inclusive Language
  • Starting the conversation—a foundational approach together
  • Discussing WHY WSU is engaging in these efforts
  • Building toward a broad learning community
  • Setting the stage for a continuum of practice
  • Gaining participant feedback
  • Developing and rolling out 2 additional series workshops—summer/fall:
Equity 102: Who are You? Fostering Critical Self-Awareness
  • Continuing the conversation together
  • Discovering how our layered identities shape our view of the world; exploring how this influences engagement across difference; etc.
  • Encouraging further exploration
  • Gaining feedback-going further
Equity 103: Equality and Equity
  • Rounding out the core foundation conversation together
  • Exploring key distinctions between equality and equity; understanding these implications across systems; etc.
  • Encouraging further development along a continuum of practice vs “One/some and done”
  • Gaining feedback; marketing additional offerings
Delivery Modes: Live and via AMS

Co-facilitated by members of the collective across campuses and delivered to:

  • Various groups requesting team training 
  • Representatives from across all 5 Working Groups
  • President’s Cabinet
  • Deans, Chairs, Directors

Planning to build training capacity through a Train-the-Trainer (T3) model

Potentially develop and roll out an Equity & Inclusion Certificate Program

Continuing ongoing, year-round training and development workshops across the state, including but not limited to:

  • BaCE Program (Building a Community of Equity)—a professional development program at Vancouver Campus
  • WSU Navigating Difference Training—statewide training and development for
    • Extension & Outreach professionals and volunteers working in communities
    • Faculty, Staff, and Grad Students serving student populations across the institution
  • Ally Training
  • Undocu-Ally workshops
  • Social Justice Peer Educator workshops: Undergraduate students leading peer-to-peer in-service training

Centralize a list of resources so people have a list of recommendations

Next All Working Groups Meeting

Thursday July 18, 2019, 9:00 am – 10:30 am in The Spark rm #327 (AMS details TBD)