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Division of Student Affairs

Five Working Groups

March 5, 2019 Session Recap



Executive Policy 15

Currently in draft process for new policy with recommendations and requests forthcoming.

Policies will distinguish between:

  • Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Assault
  • Harassment & Discrimination

Working Group to also request creation of videos as a resource that will include:

  • Overview
  • Focus on specific topics
  • Addresses the differences in protections that occur once individuals reach the age of 18 

Next formal steps:

  • Official recommendations in written form to be submitted to Jaime Nolan that will include:
  • Action Steps
  • Lines of Accountability
  • Request for marketing resources to build videos


Cultural Competency & Allyship

    • Recommendations submitted to Jaime Nolan and Mary Jo Gonzales and reviewed with President Schultz.
    • Response nearing completion from Jaime Nolan.
    • In the interim, working group to continue to meet with Jaime Nolan; need to schedule meeting
    • System Wide Training will be assessed by Cultural Competency Working Group
    • Need to appoint new Co-chairs with David Leonard & Amir Gilmore stepping down


Cultural Resource Centers 

Completed audit on resource allocation across all cultural centers:

  • We will finalize our system wide assessment of cultural and resource centers in place for students in March. This assessment will include, those current/newly formed, staffing, resources, populations served/underserved and budgets.

High-Level Findings:

  • We are already seeing some gap areas where, due to the everchanging needs of our incoming students, reflecting those of society, we will need to provide more targeted assistance/resources to that currently offered. We also must take into consideration growing enrollment trends that will exhaust existing resources even for those students being currently supported, as well as WSU’s intent to recruit more out of state and international students, with demographic realities different from those of our state.

Populations identified so far are:

  • Refugees
  • Migrants
  • Disabled
  • Post incarcerated
  • First generation
  • Older/ Returning/ Non-traditional
  • Veterans; (PTSD or related mental and physical health issues)
  • Foster care
  • Homeless
  • Food insecure groups
  • Addiction/Alcohol recovery groups
  • English Second Language (ESL) (Speakers of English as a Second Language)
  • Single parents
  • Students’ families with no access to health insurance

Upon completion of our assessment, we’ll begin work on the final report that will include the Financial Report, Benchmarks Report, MSS External Review, WSU Tri Cities Diversity Center Proposal and the Cultural and Heritage Houses Usage Report.

Our assignment is to recommend specific strategies for addressing gap areas for current and future students. We discussed inviting the Directors/Coordinators of the Centers for their input before we complete the final report.

  • For areas we have identified as gaps:
  • Need to acknowledge where we have resources in place
  • Identify areas where we can better coordinate existing programs to better serve

Need to ensure recommendations include how we connect our efforts across the WSU system


Diverse Faculty & Staff

Implicit Bias Training for Faculty/Staff Search Committees

System-Wide Equity 101 Training

  • To include Equity Training + Implicit Bias Training
  • Being developed out of Student Affairs Equity Training Group (lead by Jaime) – currently in initial stages
  • Tier 1 Toolkit
  • Tier 2 Toolkit
  • Currently in development being lead by Student Affairs CEIE in partnership.
  • Look at bringing in outside groups (i.e. Power Play) for interactive training sessions in partnership with Deans and department heads to build on existing training with search committees.
  • WSU-Vancouver requires “Contributions to Equity Statements” from candidates to gain insight into their understanding of equity (follow up here with Renny Christopher)
  • College of Medicine also has equity measures in place (follow up with Marc Coburn)
  • Look out across all WSU campuses and request to share these practices in greater detail with this working group to leverage best practices as we build out Tier 1 and Tier 2 toolkits.

EEO data

  • Deans, VPs, and Chancellors currently get a quarterly report for closed recruitments showing applicants self-disclosed demographics in the aggregate.
  • New Annual report of Detailed EEO-AA Data to Deans, VPs, and Chancellors. In-depth discussion of data analysis and strategy discussion available upon request from OEO/HRS
  • Current capability provides the ability to review longitudinal data and trends from 2015-present
  • HR Modernization – Workday implementation should improve real-time analytics capabilities

Creation of Equity Advisors (NEW BRAINSTORM)

  • Goal is to provide incoming faculty/staff someone with whom to meet to answer questions related to “life/culture at WSU” (through a system wide lens)
  • Need to clearly articulate what we’re looking for in relation to Equity Fellow (and equity advisors)
  • Need to develop a resource guide for local community (especially for people from under-represented communities)
  • Also Include info for connection to affinity groups
  • Need to network with Chambers of Commerce & Visitors Centers
  • Need concurrent and cooperative development of these resources across all campuses to mirror this model
  • Need to look at Univ of Minnesota’s current model

Retention Initiatives

  • Need to consider what retention initiatives to put in place
  • Look at current retention data
  • Discuss and leverage activities currently in place across all campuses


Gender Inclusive / Trans Support

  • All updates to WSU facilities have been published to website
  • Gender inclusive bathrooms continue to be installed and renovated across campuses
  • Long term plan developed for include gender-inclusive bathrooms; building standards updated to include gender-inclusive bathroom
  • Working with custodial staff to ensure free dispenser machines for menstrual products are in all buildings. Existing machines require retrofit and are being updated and vending contracts being updated as well.
  • Lactation spaces continuing to be rolled out across campuses across the system


Information Items

Next All Working Groups Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2019
  • Time: 8:30am – 10:30am
  • Venue: The Spark G0045; AMS and phone details to be announced.