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Division of Student Affairs

5 Working Groups Meeting

July 18, 2019 | 9am-10:30am | CUE 114 + AMS


Jaime Nolan, Jason Abrams, CYN Zavala, Faith Price, Kate McAteer, Kim Holapa, Rochelle Dach, Sandra Haynes, Shelly Neuhart, Margaret Singbeil, Ana-Maria Rodriguez-Vivaldi, Courtney Anne Jackson, rick Flores, Judi McDonald, Merrianneeta Nesbitt, Amy Nusbaum, Casey St. Clair, Luci Loera, Paula Adams, Phyllis Erdman, Pamela Duran, James Dalton, Tara Johnson, Matthew Jeffries, Jaime Diaz, Ashley Kuznia, Shannon Posey, Tamara Crooks, Brandon Brackett, Jessie Holcott, Kendra-Wilkins-Fontenot, Renny Christopher, Christine Sanders, Mark Beattie, Jill Creighton, Ray Acuna-Luna



Diverse Faculty & Staff Working Group Update

Equity Advisors: (Phyllis Erdman)

  • Currently reviewing existing roles at various universities and defining:
    • Purpose
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Compensation
    • Who might serve?
  • Next Steps

Implicit Bias Awareness Training: (Jaime Nolan)

  • 10 sessions total since March 2019; roughly 200 attendees total
  • Sessions and attendees being tracked in HRS Skillsoft

Recruitment & Retention Initiatives: (Jaime Diaz)

  • Group has been gathering data and recruiting members for the subcommittee (20 faculty/staff members across the system thus far)
  • Focusing on two tracks:
  • Bringing up literacy of white fragility/privilege and reverse racism amongst our community (Ashley & Renny Christopher)
  • Recruitment and retention (Lisa Gehring and Dan Records)
  • Jaime Diaz to meet with chairs of other subcommittees to look at duplicate efforts and possible collaborations including:
  • Pay gap for women (President’s commission)
  • LGBTQ+ group
  • Cultural Competency
  • Jaime Diaz departing WSU Aug 2nd
  • Obie and Dan Records will be interim-chair while we find a permanent co-chair; tenured faculty member identified who may be willing to take over as chair.
  • Affinity group discussions taking place w/ Jaime Nolan on how to collaborate more

Resource Guide: (Jason Abrams)

  • Modeled loosely after the resource guide at California State University, Chico + building upon existing resource guide located on WSU homepage
  • Qualtrics survey sent by Obie and Jason to colleagues within the WSU system who also identify as members of underrepresented populations and/or POC communities to “crowd source” content and input on format
  • Resource guide to be built in to 3 main sections:
    • Section 1:  System Wide Guide
    • Section 2: Guide & Resources for Specific Social Identity Groups (Campus Specific) 
    • Section 3:  General Cultural Resources & Events for the Area (for all peoples)
  • Final Draft and recommendations due to submit for review by Jaime Nolan, AAG’s Office, HRS by end of Fall 2019 semester; intention is to have approved version ready to publish by late Feb/early March 2020.

Cultural Resource Centers Working Group Update (Ana Maria Rodriguez-Vivaldi)

  • Writing final report of findings and recommendations (to be completed by start of Fall 2019 semester)

Gender Inclusive / Trans* Support Working Group Update (Cyn Zavala)

  • Recommendations/Report, forthcoming
  • Working on building standards for wellbeing rooms – a combination of prayer/meditation space and lactation space
  • American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) Standards for Student Identity
    • Names
    • Pronouns
    • Sex and Gender
    • Financial Aid and Scholarships
    • Recruitment
    • Admissions
    • Data and Reporting
    • Inclusive Staff and Faculty Practices

Executive Policy 15 Working Group Update (Judi McDonald)

Cultural Competency & Allyship Working Group Update (Merrianneeta Nesbitt)

Cultural Competency Workshop - Equity 101

In this interactive workshop, the presenters will articulate WSU values related to equity and inclusive excellence as participants both in person and via Videoconferencing engage in exploring key terms related to equity and inclusion, examine notions of intent versus impact, and build knowledge around affirming language. This workshop is intended as a pilot to help shape a developmental series for participants to gain and build upon knowledge, skills, caring, and action across the institution.

Completed sessions:

  • 90+ participants to date
  • regular monthly sessions via Skillsoft--2nd Wed of the month
  • 1 specific for New Student Programs Orientation Counselors

Scheduled sessions:

  • 100+ participants enrolled
  • 8 regular monthly sessions on the 2nd Wed of the month offered through Skillsoft 
  • 1 specific for Custodial Services staff
  • 1 specific for the WSU Five Working Groups on Campus Climate (scheduled for today 7/18 2-5pm)
  • 1 specific for the WSU Athletics Medicine Group
  • Currently, departments are requesting training through the Office of Outreach and Education (formerly the Office of Equity & Diversity).  In addition, the system-wide collective is working on creating an additional system for departments, etc. to request the Equity Series (Equity 101-103) training.

Departments that have had participants: 

  • Participants in the monthly sessions offered through Skillsoft have include faculty, staff, and graduate assistants from across the system in Human Resource Services, Office of Research, International Programs, Facilities Services, Medical Education & Clinical Science, Psychology, Engineering, Enrollment and Recruitment, and a host of other departments.
  • Currently, specific departments who have registered for team sessions on the Pullman campus include New Student Programs, Custodial Services, and the Athletics Medicine Group

What we have learned: 

  • Overall, people are engaged, express curiosity, and seem really happy with the training experience and their interaction with those in the training.  
  • Participants leave the session expressing what they have learned and how and where they intend to use some of the information they have gained related to inclusive language.
  • Participants consistently request information about upcoming sessions and seem eager to enroll in additional training.  
  • We have implemented a system for feedback and have received participants' input on the Equity 101 session as well as their interest in additional content/workshops.   

Next steps:

  • The collective will be developing handouts for each of the sessions in the Equity Series (EQ 101-103), based on participants' requests. 
  • We have also used some participant feedback to inform the Equity 102 and 103 sessions.  One example is the request for more work/information around identity.  This request has been included in an activity and discussion we've developed in a subsequent session related to Social Locations and how these impact our view of the world and the way in which we engage across difference.
  • Because the session has also been requested by a student group (NSP Orientation Counselors), other student groups for consideration may include providing a session for ASWSU leaders, committee chairs, and potentially the Coalition of Women Students.
  • In the meantime, in an administrative response to student requests, the Equity Series focus will remain targeted mainly in support of faculty and staff. 


SAVE THE DATE:  Next All 5 Working Groups Meeting

  • Date: Thursday September 5, 2019
  • Time: 9:00am – 10:30am
  • Venue: TBD