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Division of Student Affairs

Five Working Groups

January 2. 2019 Session Recap

EP 15  (Brandon Chapman)

  • Good progress within last few months on policy work
  • Currently in review phase and giving Beth feedback on structure
  • Once complete, videos to be produced with intention of being evergreen and updated as needed with minor tweaks.

Cultural Competency (Amir Gilmore)

  • Recommendations submitted to Student Affairs and Mary Jo as follows:
    • Core set of learning goals for trainees
    • Recommend creation of 1 credit class for training
    • All training to be reviewed and assessed, and posted to HR portal and/or resource website
    • Need to ensure there is adequate investment to ensure the above; will be working with Jamie in the spring to ensure continued progress for sustainability and implementation.
  • Jamie pulling together a training collective to identify what's going on across each campus
    • Looking to convene a summit to combine efforts/resources with other groups that may be working against the same goal, to improve efficiency, visibility, and value.

Cultural Resource Center (representative not in attendance)

  • Working on recommendations

Diverse Faculty & Staff

  • No update has not met for some time
  • Some work done against looking at other universities and their approach to diversity
  • No permanent chairs assigned yet
  • Outreach from Jamie's group forthcoming

Gender Inclusive / Trans Support (Matthew Jeffries)

  • Looking at new designs & costs associated with installing multiple gender-neutral stalls
  • Shift in discourse with facilities team, and good progress being made across multiple buildings across Pullman campus
  • Menstrual Products across campuses - looking at cost analysis and with proposal ready in late January
  • Lactation Spaces - will be meeting in February to look at this (in accordance with University guidelines)

For Follow up: 

  • Need to confirm next meeting date and venue for 3/6/19
  • Jaime to reach out to working groups to continue moving work forward